Music Online Marketing in Dubai

So a question that you might all ask is: how does one market music in a place such as Dubai?

The answer is… digitally!

To start with facts, 90% of the population uses the internet on a daily basis and 57% of those do it from a mobile device at multiple times during the day.



Music produced in Dubai needs a special form of advertising and a way to get it out there because of the culture difference…. or does it?

You see, most of the population of Dubai is actually foreigner, 5 out of every 6 people are not locals from the Emirates, which makes it even more important to market digitally, this is to reach a broader audience than you would normally with traditional methods, because the culture is so diverse that only smaller percentages of people consume the same types of media than we would in the US for example.


dubai buildingsAnother important thing is to work together with a really good advertising company, here I’ll link you a couple such as the best advertising agency in Dubai Linkedin page for you to have a look at what they do and what they’ve achieved for us and for many other businesses.

But that aside let me tell you also about the importance of the online world here in Dubai and in the UAE in general, you see, most users will visit the same websites over and over, just like you’d visit your supermarket on a daily basis, what this creates is a very easy and unique way for you to market your products, and in this case, your art.


dubais websitesDubai‘s most popular websites have hundreds of thousands of visitors a day not just from Dubai, but from all over the world, and using them in the advantage of the online marketing world is crucial to reach the broadest audience you can think of.

Fashion magazines, real estate magazines, lifestyle magazines, all of which is something unique of this culture and this location is definitely something that a good advertising company like Desierto Media takes care of.

Another perk of online marketing for record deals and for music in general is that you can actually measure it, and track down the specific number of how much it will cost you to get someone to purchase your music; something that was very hard to accomplish in the offline world back in the day.


If you think about it, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are amongst the top developing cities in the world and leveraging all the online resources that are available for successful marketing solutions is something that we MUST consider when thinking about the scale and potential of these places.

Using the power of the search engines also becomes very crucial and with the help of a SEO firm in Dubai you could definitely see results much quicker than hiring just a random person or trying to do it yourself, without the risk of damaging your online business and your brand as you carry on doing it.

mobile online marketing


So as a small reflection that I give to record labels: please evolve with the world and look at the new ways of marketing your music as it will be something that will keep changing and improving over time, and the new way of producing media seems to be giving more to the consumers, and like this you will all have to adapt and change to actually make a good solid recording label, here in Dubai, and in the rest of the world.